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Remote tech support to iPhones and iPads is now easier, and more effective than ever before.

Feedback from TeamViewer users clearly communicated to us that the ability to view remote iPhone and iPad screens in real-time is vital to providing exceptional remote support.

With the release of iOS 11, TeamViewer is the first provider to develop and use the newest functionality available.

Scroll down to find out more about who iOS screen sharing benefits most, what tasks can be completed more effectively, and how to get started today.

What is iOS screen sharing used for?

iPhone and iPad users sometimes need help with their devices. But providing technical support without seeing the iOS screen in front of you can be difficult for you and the user.

Until now, screen sharing from iOS devices was not possible. Using TeamViewer, you will have access to the world’s first official iOS screen sharing solution.

Using TeamViewer, you will view the remote iOS device screen in real-time from your desktop or mobile device, and seamlessly integrate your support to iOS devices into your remote support processes.

By providing tech support in a consistent way across every device, platform, or operating system, you will improve the efficiency of tech support, and as a result drastically improve the end-user experience too.

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How to get started with iOS screen sharing

TeamViewer is the world’s first official provider for iOS screen sharing.

We know how important it is to our users to be able to provide exceptional remote support to iOS devices. Until recently, it was only possible for remote connections to provide screenshots.

As soon as iOS 11 provided the opportunity to include screen sharing, we were determined to ensure our users could benefit from this new functionality immediately.

TeamViewer connection from a computer to an iPhone via screen sharing for iOS.

iOS screen sharing works very similarly to other mobile remote connections with TeamViewer. With the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS installed on the remote device, simply press the screen sharing button and follow the instructions.

Ready to try it out yourself? iOS screen sharing is free and available to all TeamViewer users to test until October 31, 2017. Get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know as soon as the new QuickSupport App for iOS 11 is available.

View remote iOS Screens

TeamViewer is the world’s first official solution for iOS screen sharing, and takes advantage of iOS 11’s latest functionality.

Ideal for tech support

With millions of iPhones and iPads in use globally, remote screen sharing is ideal for remote tech support.

Simple and secure

Simplify your remote tech support by streamlining processes, and rely on TeamViewer’s industry-leading security.

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