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The world’s #1 remote access software company has a complete suite of products to make your global enterprise move at the speed of today’s business. Our aim is to effectively remove the physical distance between your global teams and your customers. This is the principle that keeps us driving toward creating enterprise remote support tools that are faster, smarter, easier to use, and more secure with each new release.


Making the world a smaller place.

TeamViewer™ is defining a new era of connectivity — connecting people, machines, and remote devices from anywhere to anywhere; shortening distances, increasing productivity, and improving your bottom line.

Hyperconnecting Your Global Enterprise

Digital transformation is all about speed. Enterprises wanting to move faster are connecting everyone and everything. They’re choosing TeamViewer’s software and Global Access Network to get there.

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  • With a TeamViewer global workspace, you have no connectivity limits or infrastructure costs. We carry the ownership burden of ownership. You simply connect and we take care of the rest.
  • Companies are continually looking for innovative ways to improve employee engagement. A global workspace created through TeamViewer provides the necessary flexibility to work from anywhere.

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10 reasons why TeamViewer is the only enterprise remote support tool you need to support your customers and clients globally.

For more than 10 years, TeamViewer has powered the world’s largest and most technologically advanced enterprises, enhancing their services and productivity. Here are 10 reasons why TeamViewer is the only solution you should consider for your corporation’s remote device access and control needs:


Learn More About Our Global Network

A Global Access Network

100+ data centers worldwide make up our blazing fast, infinitely scalable network architecture.

ISO 27001 Certified

Our data centers are ISO 27001 certified and completely HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant. Our security-first focus means we put encryption and protections in place at the data center, application, and session levels.

Industry Integrations

TeamViewer has pre-built integrations with the industry’s leading customer support, CRM, and help desk applications.

Global Scale Collaboration

Blizz from TeamViewer enables HD video and screen sharing for collaboration among large teams across continents.

Mass Deployment

Our mass deployment modules allow you to roll out TeamViewer to all your company devices, silently and instantly.

Custom Branding

Easily add corporate branding to client apps, customer access portals, and mobile app interfaces for complete integration into your company’s IT stack.

Mangement Console

Use and device configuration management console allows you to control and define access and security levels for all users and devices.

Comprehensive Logs

Connection logs and root cause reporting allow you to stay on top of all technical and user-created issues.

Infinitely Scalable to Meet Demands

Infinitely scalable architecture and distributed network architecture in all continents allow us to provide low latency connectivity worldwide.

Detailed Reporting

With TeamViewer, you can keep track of all the moves your team makes. Pinpoint which team member is performing different types of support, how long it takes each of them to complete a task, and when the tasks were completed.

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A Range of Remote Control, Collaboration & Data Security Products for the Enterprise

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The world’s most loved remote desktop tool includes meeting, presentation, and video conference functionality for one-to-one or one-to-many meetings between you and your clients.

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Gather people instantly in an enjoyable, powerful, collaborative space. Supporting up to 300 people and 60fps video streaming, Blizz takes the ‘virtual’ out of online meetings.

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Features Architected for Enterprise Scale with Industrial Grade German Technology.


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Learn why companies around the world are choosing TeamViewer to build enterprise-class connected global workspaces instead of using traditional VPNs to save money, increase productivity and achieve greater business reach.

  • Tennyson James
    "TeamViewer has been such a game changer for our business. Thanks to TeamViewer, we can now launch remote sessions into customers systems, thereby reducing field visits and cutting down costs remarkably. I now feel like a hero."
    Tennyson James
    GE Oil & Gas
  • Edward Mendelson
    "TeamViewer combines remote access and shared meeting features in a single secure app, and it hides most of its complexity under an elegant interface. It's our top pick for remote access software for enterprise and corporate use."
    Edward Mendelson
    Contributing Editor, PCMag
  • Sandra Vogel
    I’ve used TeamViewer to remotely control other people’s PCs for a long time. It’s the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to get remote access to the computers of friends and relations who think it’s worth asking me to fix their technical problems.
    Sandra Vogel
  • Bogdan Popa
    TeamViewer has become one of the most advanced and easiest to use remote controlling applications, and fortunately, the company is improving its mobile clients on a regular basis, including the Windows Phone version.
    Bogdan Popa
  • Corbin Davenport
    TeamViewer 12 has a laundry list of other new features, including scripts to automate mouse/key presses, tabbed remote sessions on macOS, up to 60FPS connections, a simplified client interface, faster file transfers, Windows Phone support, and more.
    Corbin Davenport
    Android Police
  • Mark Ziarko
    TeamViewer stands out because our staff love using it. We haven’t found any other remote administration software that comes close. It’s able to adapt to a lot of different technical support issues, which keeps our customers happy.
    Mark Ziarko
    CEO, Smartlaunch
  • Michael Barron Jr.
    “ITbrain gives me a clear view into the status of each computer, including if they were infected with malware, so I could easily address the situation before it went from a hassle to a real problem.”
    Michael Barron Jr.
    Paul Carey Honda

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